The 'Block-a-Day' Project

A block a day from "200 knitted blocks for blankets, throws and afghans" by Jan Eaton

Project start date; Thursday 5th April 2012.
I've put the project start date in full; last time I tried to do a long term project - "Read the Bible in One Year" it took me more like two years. By my calculation, the one hundred days will be up on 13th July. Or thereabouts.

The plan is to knit a block a day until I have 100 blocks. I'll more or less follow the order in book, apart from some which look too much like hard work.

That's the easy bit. Once I have made all the blocks, I will have to summon the resolution to sew them all together. Finally, the edge of the blanket will need some kind of finishing - yards and yards of knitted edging to be made and sewn on. It's the sewing-together and the finishing-off bits that I'm not so good at getting done.

I'll post them up individually in the main blog as I go, and just add them to this page in groups.

14th February 2014 - nearly a year since the last entry

I've been off work with a determinedly persistent chest infection - this is the second week now, and have whiled away the hours by knitting nearly six more blocks. I seem to have mainly khaki and blue yarn left - but no chance of getting to the yarn shop while I'm supposed to be RESTING. Huh. Here they are:

Looking back at the last photograph, there are more blocks in the bag than are in the picture. There's another heart (that's a helluva block - I'm not doing that again - reading all the fiddly little lines of the chart) and another lacy one. I reckon there must be getting on for 30 blocks now.

10th April 2013 - just over a year since I started!
I have completed 19 blocks.

At this rate it is going to take 5 years to do 100 blocks.

Nil desperandum - last week I finished a cushion cover that I started back in 2006 or 7 - so long ago I've forgotten the date

30th July 2012
Block production has now dropped from one-a-day to one-a-week to one-a-month. At this rate the project will last the rest of this century....   just a mere 87 blocks to go. Oh, and I've given up on the idea of following the order in the book, having entirely failed to manage any of the cabling. Back to good old purl and plain.

21st April 2012
And the next five blocks; the fifth is still attached to the needles on account of it not being finished yet. Block production has slowed dramatically from one-a-day to one-a-week now that the school term started. I've lost track of which block was which - you can read about block trauma here

Somewhere around Easter Time 2012 - (Easter Day was 8th April!)
Here are the first five blocks. You can read about each one here; block 1, block 2, block 3, block 4, block 5

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