Tunisian Crochet Project - updated 2nd August 2014



I'm using an ordinary length crotchet hook, size 6 mm or 6.5 mm, and chunky yarn.

The plan is to create several long strips of fabric, in whatever yarns catch my eye, and eventually join them up to make a blanket.

The fancy yarns are quite expensive - around £3.50 for a 50g ball. With 14 stitches on my crochet hook, and using 2 balls of wool I get a strip about 9cm wide and 130 cm long - £7 per strip.

To make it work, I thought I'd alternate the more brightly coloured strips with plainer ones.

I'll record the progress of this project as I go along, adding pictures after this introduction.

Spring/Summer 2014

The Canadian boucle yarn turned out to be a bit of a beast to work with. I've managed to finish a strip from the Niagara Falls colours but am taking a break before I tackle the Autumn one. The yarn is just a bit "frisky" - it likes to twist itself up on itself as I go along. However it has a lovely texture and sheen.

I'm now halfway through a strip which reminds me of the stone walls of Tewkesbury Abbey. I don't think I bought the yarn there, but I shall think of it as a souvenir of our visit in April. The strands have been chained together, like a knitting-dolly tail, rather than twisted. as in double-knitting. And it is MUCH easier to work with. 

15th October 2013

Seven complete strips now - I finished one, and started another while I was in Canada back in August, and brought back two - I don't know what to call them, because they aren't "ball" shaped - two thingies of yarn, one in Niagara River colours, and one in "Fall" colours, from Canada. These are boucle yarns which make them a little frisky to work with.

The Canadian yarns.
started in Canada, finished last week

The strip on the left is the Canadian "Niagara River" coloured yarn, about quarter
of the way done now.

27th July

The broad cream strip is complete, and also finished the dark strip with green flecks (work in progress in the in photograph). They are both in Wendy Mode chunky. Aha, from the photograph, I see that I've also done a strip in Wendy Folksong in shades of blue (second one down from top). I'd forgotten about that one! I've now run out of yarn until I can get to a shop.

29th May

I have completed the strip that started the whole thing. It is Sirdar Folksong in lovely Spring colours.
The colour changes are quite abrupt, so that every stitch on the crotchet hook can be a different colour. This makes it really easy to see where to insert the hook.

The yearn also has a very silky texture, and the finished strip has quite a sheen to it.

And I've also finished another strip in shades of blue, green, and brown using Sirdar Escape.  The colours change more slowly with this yarn. There are two colours fairly contrasted colours twisted together, which independently transform into new shades. So light blue and dark brown will slowly change to dark blue and green, etc. The texture is more "woolly" and rougher to the touch.

So  now, the work-in-progress is a broad strip of 28 stitches crammed on to the hook, in Wendy Mode Chunky which is massively cheaper at £3 for a 100g ball. The texture is a bit smoother than the Escape, and it is basically cream, with small random flecks of dark green, brown and ochre.

I've bought a lovely wooden crochet hook with a turned handle, which makes it possible to have extra stitches. I just make sure that I always stop in the middle of a row, as leaving more than 14 stitches on the hook makes it a dead cert that they will fall off when it is left lying around.

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