Monday 24 June 2024

Monday 24th June

Off to the rehab exercise class this morning,  with more vim and vigour than last week, or even the weeks before. I suspect I had been brewing up for an episode of lurginess for a while. I'll just have to curb my enthusiasm for a few more days...

The bread machine ginger cake turned out pretty well; borderline dry, maybe, but will be pretty good with custard. Of course, being made in the bread machine means that it is the size of... a loaf! Slice and freeze, I reckon, 

A parcel arrived from Ang today; the prepped foundation cloth for our next collaboration, a note on a postcard and a sweet little tin of delicious mints from Paris.

The postcard has a picture of a detail of a embroidery stitched by Mary, Queen of Scots, The picture on the tin is from the famous medieval 'Lady and the Unicorn' tapestries in the Musée de Cluny in Paris. The two pictures are literally inspirational. More on the collaboration project to follow....

Sunday 23 June 2024

Sunday 23rd June

 O Sabbath rest...

When my mother was little Sunday was a solemn affair; best clothes walking sedately to church (twice), perhaps a little walk in the afternoon but no noisy, energetic play or laughing and loud talking. This was in the Netherlands, but I'm sure many others of us had similar experiences.

My childhood Sundays were very different. My parents were not churchgoers in spite of their upbringing, apart from Christenings, Marriages and Funerals. We had a lazy morning,  monumental Sunday lunch and soporific afternoon s. 

 Sundays were hectic at university - I was fully embroiled ininvolved with the Christian Union which meant charging around from prechurch prayer meetings to morning service and afternoon fellowship and evening gatherings. Monday mornings came as a bit of a relief. 

Once I was the church organist Sundays became a working day - early service (three hymns intro and outro) family service (at least 6 hymns and songs, walking at a brisk clip between the piano at the front and the organ at the back plus intro and outro) and midweek practice and admin, oh and don't forget evening prayer... and the Sunday lunch...

Somewhere between all these different kinds of Sunday there has to be a middle way.

Today I listened to Sunday Worship on radio4 (thanks for heads up, Ang), read, (Peter Duck, by Arthur Ransome), watched the tennis and made a cake. 

We've been using bread machines for over 20 years - why has it taken me so long to try the 'cake' programme?

Thinking about it, Peter Duck is quite a good choice of book; there was a storm and an earthquake and a volcano eruption all in one night... earthquake, wind and fire, followed by calm...


There doesn't seem to be much left to do; but still a surprising number of pieces in the box yet. I did have a few quick looks at the picture but mostly I have managed without it. The houses were very confusing. 

Saturday 22 June 2024

Saturday 22nd June

It's Church Camp Weekend. A large part of the congregation will be camping at a smallholding near the village, and others will be 'day-tripping', turning up around breakfast time and going home to hot showers, modern plumbing and real beds!

When our children were young, 30 or more years ago, I used to take them. Things were different then; they have real portaloos now so no-one has to go on the rota for the unlovely job of emptying the porta-potties!

I'm hoping and praying that the weather holds for them for the weekend. There is a humongous marquee so rain wouldn't be the end of the world. It such a wonderful time for everyone, and a lot of friends and neighbours join in as well, whether or not they church-goers.

We're not going, but today we did go out for a second breakfast with our offsprings at our regular meeting up place. They had waffles with bacon and maple syrup as usual, but I chose avocado on sourdough bread with lemon juice and sumac, so healthy, and a sausage, so delicious! I did share my sausage. 

I keep almost remembering what sumac is.... I must look it up.

It did rain last night (any campers with soggy tents could take refuge in the marquee!). So my watering yesterday morning had a bit of a top up. The forecast for the morning wasn't wonderful, and in fact '10% likelihood of rain' became a shortlived and very, very light shower. Our table was by a high wall with roses and honeysuckle growing up it from large planters



I spent a short time on the jigsaw in the early evening sun - yes, the cloudy skies turned to sunshine for the afternoon so the camp barbecue evening will go well - and have made progress. It's very satisfying when you reach the stage of being able to pick up a piece and add it in rather than putting it vack!