Saturday 2 March 2024

Saturday 2nd March

At last! I've been waiting for weeks to read 'What to look for in Spring'. 

No sign of violets or coltsfoot yet, or celandines. But I know what to look out for.

Maybe, if we start getting some more sunny hours during the day they will appear soon. I'm rationing myself to a few pages at a time.

I spent an hour or so stitching as fast as I could to finish the December January February cross-stitch. At one point I had two needles in action and a further three threaded up and  ready stuck into my sewing pouch;

I got it into the post before the final collection for Saturday, with first class postage. 

I finished reading Wild Strawberries by Angel Thirkell this afternoon. It was delightfully light and frothy right to the very last page. What next? I have an Elly Griffiths and a Donna Leon lined up, both new to me, and I was also thinking of re-reading 'In this House of Brede' or the Elizabeth Goudge 'Herb of Grace' series. Choices, choices...

The poncho progresses. I've done nine inches this week so far, with another 20 to go. Knit knit knit knit.....

Friday 1 March 2024

Friday 1st March

The Wind was roaring and the rain hammering against the windows when I woke shortly after 6am. 

By the time Best Beloved set off to walk into town to complete a few errands, the wind had died down and the rain stopped. The sun came out as he walked home an hour later. The 1st March is the first day of meteorological spring, so perhaps showcasing British Weather is a fitting tribute to the day.

The first Friday of March is also World Day of Prayer, when churches all around the wworld present an ecumenical church service put together by the women of a different country each year.  This year's service came from Gaza, and was prepared four years ago. Well, you have to admire the timeliness.

I haven't been able to attend any church service anywhere since March 2020, but today one of the local churches live-streamed it, and I was able to follow using a service booklet which friend had dropped round.


Ang's cross stitch collaboration arrived through the post today. As well as the cross stitch and accompanying book, there was also a cross stitch kit, and a bookmark from the service and a tiny weeny book of gardening quotations (not in the photograph)

What a box of delights! Her cross stitching for Dec/Jan/Feb is the Egyptian Hieroglyphs piece in the middle,  a reference to the holiday club she and Bob were running during golf term last week. Here's a bigger photograph;

I love the sandy effect from the variegated yellow threads, and the detail in the symbols.

Thursday 29 February 2024

Friday 29th February

 The leap year has leaped!

The past few weeks have been so wet and cold that I had almost forgotten the lovely sunny days here and there through the month...

18th February 

8th February 

They were still cold, but even so... bright blue skies...

Today should have been the last 'pebble on the wall' day, but I've decided to carry on until the end of term. Another 29 pebbles! After that I will stop.

I've done an acre of cross-stitch and finished my prototype book cover;

This is it opened out. I could carry on adding more and more, but I  would rather apply the lessons I have learned to an improved version. 

This evening is pretty full-on with teaching, television (Richard Osman House of Games and Great British Menu)  and then church group, so I thought I'd write the post early tonight. We are meant to be talking about the Andrew Dotchin course for Lent, based on the Winnie-the-Pooh books, but who knows what we shall end up discussing and discovering. Every meeting seems to turn into an 'Expotition'....