Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Tuesday 30th November - The Music of Eternity 2


Day 2; Mighty Symphony of the Triune God

And once again there is so much in the Chapter that I've ended up skim-reading, just waiting for the phrase that will 'ping out'...

Or phrases - and here they are;

Right at the beginning;

Welcoming God will involve shifting focus from 'Mine' to 'Ours', for we're all linked as we respond in worship to our Triune God'..... We are drifting towards a religion which consciously or unconsciously keeps its eye on humanity rather than on Deity - which lays all the stress on service, and hardly any of the stress on awe: and that is a type of religion, which in practice does not wear well...in those awful moments when the pain and mystery of life are most deeply felt...It does not lead to sanctity. 

  and later;

We mostly spend [our] lives conjugating three verbs: to Want, to Have and to Do... forgetting that none of these verbs has any ultimate significance, except so far as it's transcended by., and included in, the fundamental verb, to Be: and that Being, not wanting, having and doing is the essence of a spiritual life.


Dante says that directly a soul ceases to say 'Mine', and says 'Ours', it makes the transition from the narrow, constricted, individual life to the truly free, personal, creative, spiritual life; in which all are linked together in one single response to the Father of all spirit, God. 

At this point I stopped highlighting the text... quite soon the whole chapter would be turning yellow. 

At first sight I might think that I was being asked to simply focus on our awesome God, whose power and capacity to create, save, forgive is constantly rehearsed in the Psalms.

However the emphasis on 'Mine' becoming 'Ours' as a response to this worship speaks of a mirroring of the Three Persons in the Trinity being combined together as 'Ours', not completely separated individuals each with their own 'Mine'.

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image of the Holy Trinity from and Antiphonary



Monday, 29 November 2021

Monday 29th November - The end of the day!

 At first I couldn't understand why I was feeling so 'done in' by the end of today. Then I thought back...

In the morning I sorted out some books for the charity shop, clearing about three feet of much needed shelf space upstairs in the bedroom. I've easily got that amount of books stacked all over the place downstairs, and it will be a relief to shelve them at last. That took an hour I suppose, by the time I had reorganised the other books as well.

Monday is the day I clean the bathroom. So I did that. 

Downstairs; yesterday we nipped outside just before going to bed to rescue my pelargoniums and cuttings from the garden after seeing how the temperatures were forecast to plunge overnight.

They needed sorting out today; no way could we keep them on the table forever and ever. This house is slowly silting up with stuff from the edges of the room towards the middle.

I snipped cuttings from the pelargoniums but couldn't plant them as the earth was so cold! So I have left them in water upstairs on the back bedroom windowsill, with the pots of earth nearby, and will plant them tomorrow. Everything else has gone into the cold frame in the garden.

I'm working on a picture for the Advent trail round the village which our church is organising. I ws meant to be drawing a wreath.

The day before yesterday I did all the black ink; 

Yesterday I tested how I would manage the sky and the stars, using blue ink and gold marker pens. I also had a go at putting in the other houses, but they went a bit blurry. Today I tried again when the background was properly dry (the church and house nearby)

Today I added the sky and the windows, and also painted the cave in the bottom left, where I shall put a silhouette of a Nativity scene. The pictures have to fit a 45cm square window pane, and be ready by Wednesday. Did I say this was meant to be a wreath? I'm not quite sure what happened there. I checked with the organiser this morning and luckily it doesn't seem to matter that I'm doing something different! 

I found the idea from scouring google - the original has no cave, but Father Christmas in his sleigh against the moon. Too tricky for me!

Then I taught two piano lessons to two tired year 7 children, who both spent from Friday to Sunday involved in swimming galas. They are both very tired and teaching them was quite hard - Next week will be the last lesson and I sincerely hope they will just play easy Christmas carols from now on! 

I shall now cast off the green scarf, even though there is still some yarn left. It is about 5 feet long which will do nicely.

That will do for today, I reckon. I shall do much less tomorrow, for sure!  

Monday 29th November - The Music of Eternity 1

This one of the two Advent books I will be reading between now and Christmas.

The Music of Eternity - Meditations on the writings of Evelyn Underhill, by Robyn Wrigley-Carr. It is the choice of the Advent Facebook group I joined several years ago.    

It is fascinating to see what the other members 'find' in each chapter. I plan to put my 'take-aways' here, if I remember. We don't all post everyday.

The book starts on the first day of Advent, which was Sunday. I hadn't realised this, so already I am one day behind! Never mind, the other book runs from the first to the twenty-fourth of December so I have a day to catch up.

Day 1 - God's Perpetual Coming

There is so much packed into each day's reflection that it is hard to know where to start...
I'm still reeling from this;

'Attention to God is the primary religious act.....If we put His worship last and our needs first, all proportion goes'.

But I have the attention span of a goldfish...