Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Wednesday 22nd November 2017 - Look what I found

Sliding the twitter posts across the screen, pausing to watch this (but you MUST watch the video on the link below)

Image result for puppy padding paws on bicycle

I tripped across this, of more serious and scientific interest;

You can see the website where the Table comes from - it is a free download! I love all the little pictures for each element.

Apart from that, today was a day like many Wednesdays, full of piano pupils (8) and class music lessons (3). 

Reception and Year 1 was a raucous rendition of barely understood Christmas Songs ready for the Christmas Advent Service at the end of the term (Why would the Baby Jesus come to rain on us?). The double meaning of "render" frequently comes to mind in music lessons.

Year 3 and 4 were wildly enthusiastic in creating the storm music for the story of "The Princess and the Pea". It was touch and go whether anyone would hear her knock, knock, knocking at the castle door.

Finally Year 5 and 6 were supposed to be working in groups to interpret the phrase "sailing along on the morning breeze, using a selection of (more or less) appropriate percussion instruments. Some of the groups would have sunk any battleships, cruisers and aircraft carriers within the vicinity. Heaven knows what will happen when they start trying to interpret "Moving at the speed of light" next week.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tuesday 21st November - The Rooks again - volvelle

Coming home in the early dusk, there they were, well, some of them, parliamenting in their building in the first of the two oak trees.

A week has gone round; days, nights, events, all in their allotted places.

Sometimes, when I am looking for a picture to illustrate this blog, I stumble across something Very Fascinating...

Have you come across a Volvelle before? Here's a picture and quote from wikipedia

volvelle or wheel chart is a type of slide chart, a paper construction with rotating parts. It is considered an early example of a paper analog computer.[1] Volvelles have been produced to accommodate organization and calculation in many diverse subjects. Early examples of volvelles are found in the pages of astronomy books. They can be traced back to "certain Arabic treatises on humoral medicine"[2] and to the Persian astronomerAbu Rayhan Biruni (c. 1000), who made important contributions to the development of the volvelle.[3]

Just read that again - "an early example of a paper analog computer"..... and then check that date - circa 1000!

Well indeedy. And to see one in action, go here (which I recommend) and if you want to make your own, go here (to be boggled)
But the instructions do look pretty complicated...

Led Zepplin used a modern volvelle on the cover of their album Zepplin III; more wikipedia...

"The cover and interior gatefold art consisted of a surreal collection of seemingly random images on a white background, many of them connected thematically with flight or aviation (as in "Zeppelin"). Behind the front cover was a rotatable laminated card disc, or volvelle, covered with more images, including photos of the band members, which showed through holes in the cover. Moving an image into place behind one hole would usually bring one or two others into place behind other holes.

A collage of butterflies, teeth, zeppelins and assorted imagery on a white background, with the artist name and "III" subtitle at center.
inner wheel
Well, that'a new word added to my vocabulary.


Monday, 20 November 2017

Monday 20th November - Advent readiness

This post really belongs to yesterday, but that would have meant two posts, and then thinking of something for today!

I rummaged in the big wooden chest to extract the Advent Calendars ready for next week. At first we couldn't remember whose was which, but mine is the Santa one (birthday present in a previous year) and his is the tree (bought by me). I worked it out in the end as I remembered having to glue some of the little wooded handles onto the drawers before I gave it to him. Mine doesn't have drawers, just are little hinged flaps like letterboxes.

Part of the reason for getting them out was to size up the inner dimensions of the drawers. Last year, and the year before, they were filled with all kinds of random flavours of tea bags. That was when I discovered that it can be difficult to open my little letterboxes when there is a teabag jammed inside, and some more generously filled teabags don't fit into the drawers.

There's time yet to work out what to do. We will each secretly set up each other's calendar... no peeking allowed!

I've also made a tea-light-Advent-calendar-sort-of-thing. I spotted someone on the internet wrapping tea lights with a little band of washi tape to make them look a bit festive - so that's what I've done, using various different reels that I have accumulated over the years. Nice, huh?

The plan is to burn one tea-light each night in a little holder with flying angels or similar on it. I can't remember exactly what the holder looks like, something along these lines.

Product Details

It just depends how deeply buried it is in the Christmas decoration box in the loft; if we can't find it I may buy a new one, or even just put the tea-light on a little dish. There's something to be said for the Canadian system of a large basement with proper stairs  for storing things. Much easier than getting out the step ladders and wobbling in and out of the dark, cold loft.