Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday 31st May - catching up but typing quietly

The problem with working in schools is that as the term progresses, one gets more and more knackered. By the time the half term break arrives, most teachers will be asleep on the sofa by half past eight. Which leaves precious little time for keeping up with the blogging.

I am having to type quietly in order to avoid waking myself up - after all it is nearly 8pm and my time for being awake and functional will be over for the day.

Actually, that's a lie; I am typing quietly because "The Great British Menu" is on TV and if I make too much noise on our ancient keyboard, it will affect everyone else's viewing pleasure.

Anyway, this post properly belongs to Tuesday, when I wanted to share the beautiful, unexpected, and uplifting sight of large drifts of lupins growing wild along the A272 just to the East of Rogate. If you are anywhere in the area, it is worth a detour - a smallish detour, to enjoy the sight.

There is even a handy layby (probably the old road) where you can stop and take in the view across the fields to the South Downs.


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