Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saturday 1st June - Rescue - combined skills save the day

The strange and rather spooky rustling noise in the staff room turned out to be a bird in the chimney. The combined expertise and skills of the staff were required to effect a rescue.
Between us we located the step ladder, found a screwdriver to unscrew the ventilator grille, fetched a pond-dipping net from the infant resources cupboard and set to work.

The plan went like clockwork. Once the grille was removed, the bird shot into the net like a small feathery missile. We covered the open end of the net with a handy cake-tin lid, and carefully took it outside in order to release it into a suitable shrubby bush.

The bird had other plans. As soon as the lid was removed it flew off, up, up and away.

picture from wikipedia

Back to work everyone. Nothing to see here. All finished.

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