Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday 24th June - Why I teach piano

Why do I teach piano?

It is not for the joy of hearing beautiful music every evening, although I was moved to tears by the beauty of one girl's performance of her exam piece this week - and that is a rare event.

I am more likely to be exercising the most severe self-control as the child seated next to me blithely announces that they haven't practised what we spent all the lesson working on, and now they can't remember how to do it. Which means repeating last week's lesson before we can move on. Grrrr.

What has made me supremely happy this week is one young pupil at the end of a fairly trying lesson. She managed, finally, to play the phrase we had been working on, with the correct notes, fingering and rhythm, instead of what she had fecklessly allowed herself to learn.

She turned, gave me a beaming smile and said, "I made my brain force my fingers to get it right."


I gave her a complete sheet of stickers, and wrote what she had said in her notebook.

That's what I call Progress.

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