Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday 14th July - Sweet little gadget

Griffin Apple iPad Stylus Pen
What have we here? It's a sort of pen thingy, but the business end is a soft rubber "nib" which works like a finger on the touch screen of my phone.

Suddenly, I can compose ("technical" term; I have always used the word "write" for literature and "compose" for music, but, thinking about it, perhaps they are interchangeable?) emails and blog entries on my phone with a staggering reduction of typos, and consequently a staggering improvement my general good humour and use of language (verbal language, while typing).


And another new skill while I'm at it; I started to make this entry on 14th July, but got distracted. So today is really the 21st July, but I have discovered how to tamper with the evidence and post this entry as though it really is the 14th July. Oho, I have power over time itself. Heady stuff.

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