Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saturday 21st July - A Drop in the Ocean

I started this blogging lark back in February 2012.

This is post number 111 - a pleasant sort of number - easy to type, easy to remember.

Since February I have trawled through zillions of blogs. It is a stunning resource with so much variety. I have discovered the google reader (thank you, Arch Druid Eileen of The Beaker Folk) so I now have a kind of personal daily magazine of posts. Some are scarily erudite, with deep insights into the issues of the day. Others are collections of pictures, cartoons, captions which entertain and amuse. It becomes a weeny bit much at times; if I don't keep up, I can find myself with going on for 100 items in my in-box to get through before bedtime...

I guess I'm just a "background blogger". One of the many millions who type on regardless, pouring out the words to please themselves, but delighted when a comment pops up from time to time. We share the events of the day, thoughts that occur, items of interest that we trip across. I say "we", because all this sharing helps to develop a sense of community. I have no idea who "Greenpatches" or "Arch Druid Eileen" are in real life; other people I follow have more of an identity through various clues - RevdKathy posted a lot of pictures from Cornwall - was that an extended visit? Or does she live down that way? They have become people I care about. 

I do look at the stats (I don't have the willpower to keep away). I am ridiculously pleased to see that every post has been read at least once by someone other than me (all except one!). These posts are a drop in the ocean, but a way of being in community - with my own family and friends, and with fellow bloggers.

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  1. Three cheers for all 'background bloggers;' we're the backbone of the blogosphere!