Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday 1st July - when fantasy becomes a reality

Today, the final pieces in the project fell into place. I had been cast down into despair, because it was looking as though the set up costs for starting out as a samba teacher would be more than I was happy to part with.

However, a comment by a music teacher colleague started me thinking, and then, at midnight last night (apologies for waking you, my love), I had the brainwave, the inspiration, that has made it all possible after all.

I am SOOOOO excited! Here is the first stage of getting the gear together;

There is still a huge amount to do;

easy stuff - sourcing and buying the missing bits that I couldn't find today

boring but essential stuff - deciding how much I should charge, creating sensible accounts, checking my exisiting public liability insurance policy

fun stuff  - the designs for publicity material, stickers, T shirts etc

scary stuff - buying the rest of the equipment (about £700)

brand new learning stuff - making half a dozen surdo mallets

knuckle down and get on with it stuff - workshop plans, backup materials, hand outs

real stuff - advertising, looking for bookings, doing some trial runs (I have the youth at church in my sites as unsuspecting guinea pigs).

I shall launch on as soon as everything is in place, ready for next term. Meanwhile, I'll keep you updated on progress.

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