Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thursday 26th July - Yoghurt cake made with creme fraiche

chocolate cake / blueberry and peach cake
I posted this unlikely recipe for cake made with yoghurt here:

It is a favourite recipe, because there is no weighing and no butter. Not that I'm against butter, but it is usually too hard when I am in make-a-cake mode, and by the time it has softened, I have moved on and I'm no longer in the same frame of mind.

Here is it again:

one small pot of yogurt, two of the same pot of SR flour, one and a half pots caster sugar, quarter of a pot of oil, two eggs, all combined into a smooth batter. I usually flavour it with lemon zest, and then pour a syrup of the lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of granulated sugar over the cake as soon as it is cooked.

Bake in a lined tin gas mark 4, 170C fan oven, for around 45 mins. I've found a 1kg loaf tin (actually, it's the foil tray that an "easy-cook" main course from Waitrose came in) to be a good size.

This week I decided to celebrate the return of the lawn (or to hold a wake for the wild-flower meadow - not sure which) by inviting friends to "tea and cakes on the lawn".

Then I discovered that the plain yoghurt was so seriously out of date that I didn't even want to look inside. However there there were a number of fresh, fruit-flavoured yoghurts to choose from. I went for peach in the end, and ten topped the cake with blueberries before I put it in the oven.

A chocolate version was more of a challenge; cherry yogurt, maybe? Certainly NOT strawberry-and-rhubarb. I eyed up the tub of creme fraiche.

A quick zip through Google turned up a version of a rich chocolate cake made with creme-fraiche. Problem solved and I looked no further. I used the recipe above, using the washed peach yoghurt pot as a measure. The creme fraiche seemed very thick, so I used three-quarters of a yoghurt pot of creme fraiche topped up with milk, and carried on as usual, adding a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder.

Job done. Tea and cakes on the lawn with two kinds of cake. Excellent.

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