Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday 13th August - Robert the Dog

My grandmother had a collie dog called Robert. In my "family history" I don't know many stories about him, and I have only the haziest memory of him. I have a much clearer picture of his successor, already ancient when I knew him (Bruce), and of  Tuppy, a formidable black cat. 

I do remember being told that Robert could shut a door when asked, a very useful trick in the days of cold draughts and no central heating. The drawback was that he would always bark, loudly, while pushing the door, so that everyone could see how clever he was.

Like many of the little stories handed down through the generations of my family, it has an unspoken, cautionary, message.

Which reminds me: Riddle from a "Family Fun Book" which probably dates to when my parents were children;

"When is a door not a door?"

answer below

When it's ajar". Baffled me for years. Unlike "When is a cow not a cow?"

answer below

"When it is turned into a field."                        you may groan now.

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