Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesday 14th August - To do, done, not going to get done


(Writing "done" things on a "to-do" list is a cheat, but it makes me feel better.)

  1. Sort out hospital appointment
  2. Phone the people about collecting the bed (they are out)
  3. Put an email round about getting hold of an IKEA catalogue - you can only get the hard copy by collecting it from a store - "otherwise you have to browse on-line"
  4. Deliver another four bags of stuff to Age
  5. UK - they take dressmaking snips and snaps - hooray! (It's a bit depressing that delivering 10 bags and boxes of stuff to various charity shops in the last week has made no appreciable difference in the amount of clutter in the house)
  6. Sort out the number of stitches you need to cast on to knit a 6 inch square (to make blankets to give to the Red cross) using 4mm needles and double knitting wool (yeah, my needles may be metric but I'm still Imperial. You may bow or curtsy if you like.)

8x8 inch knitted squares







To Do:

  1. Knit the flippin' square for real, now I know that it isn't 50 or 30 or 35 stitches that are needed - the organiser blithely estimated 50 stitches, and I believed her. To help out, I've knitted a few trial runs to work out what's right. Her plan is to produce blankets for the Red Cross which I will thoroughly approve of when I am restored to a better frame of mind. It's 33 stitches.
  2. Tidy the dining room table - again, again, again. I nearly bought an "inspirational" book for my Kindle called "The Fifteen Minute Rule", or some such. I looked at the preview, and the "inspirational" idea is - pretty inspirational; any task can be chipped away at, from tidying to tax returns, in fifteen minute bursts. The writer is so upbeat and optimistic. It worked for her.
  3. Which reminds me. The Tax Return.
  4. Washing. nearly out of pale clothes, which could be catastrophic or embarrassing, or just irritating.
  5. Make cake.
  6. Choose flavour of cake.
  7. Lift the potatoes
  8. Weeding and general garden warfare.

Not going to get done:

  1. Probably the Tax Return.
  2. Most likely the dining room table.
  3. Garden warfare. I feel a pacifist phase coming on. And the nettles and briars are truly triffidous. I expect they are good for wild life. As are the slugs and snail under every leaf.   

File:Gone With The Wind title from trailer.jpg


Nothing about music practise here
or ironing.....................
or housework................

Oh well.

"Tomorrow is another day"

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