Saturday, 13 October 2012

A month of weather - sometime last weekl

I really haven't enjoyed most of the last week.

It has been too full of difficulty and hard words and a fair amount of grumpiness. I actually got as far as checking the fine details of my work contract and thinking about what other ways I could earn my daily bread.

Some of the tough parts have been to do with recognising my own failings; there are so many things I should have done, or done better, and then there are things I maybe shouldn't have done at all!

Oh well. Time runs forwards, not backwards. I have to start each day from where I am, not where I would like to be.

Two things have cheered me on my way. Every day I have been enjoying the beauty of this rose. It is right next to the car, so it watches over my goings out and my comings home.

And my last lessons on Fridays all last year have been really hard work; large classes of beginner recorder players where I needed to use every trick I knew to keep them focused. It's a bit like lion-taming, except that if I lose control they all just tootle and lark about rather than eat me.

This week I had the first lesson with the new year group. Their behaviour was exemplary, with barely a sound out of place. Then, to round off the day, there was a glorious double rainbow right across the playground. The colours were glowing as bright as electric lights against the dark skies. It seemed to be a promise for better times to come.  

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