Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday 9th November - The Week Ends

Friday night, 9:45 pm

What a week this has been.

There came a point, on Wednesday night, when I ground to a complete halt. I reached the point where I couldn't speak properly: I was trying to explain some technical point to a piano pupil and the words came out in a completely random order. I was rather disconcerted, twice over; once at hearing the garbled nonsense I was saying, and twice at the student's apparent lack of bemusement. So, do I normally gibber at them in their lessons? Perhaps I do. Well, they seem to keep coming anyhow.

This weekend will be fairly packed, but at least I won't be in a position of professional responsibility (i e teaching) for most of it. I am due to lead a Sunday School group - 6-8 year olds - after the Remembrance Day Parade. Last year I thought we would beat swords into ploughshares - that did not go entirely as planned, in that we made the swords but ran out of time before we had beat them into ploughshares. Well, we had a great time even if the Bible message got totally lost once we started making swords.

Bridge declarer.jpg
My mother continues to improve; today's highlight was when she started working through the bridge column of the Times newspaper.

In matters mental she is making great progress. The physical side is going to take a lot longer. It reminds me of the difficulty that my older adult beginners have in learning how to use their fingers in new ways in order to play the piano. It takes determination, patience, and endless repetition. Not forgetting courage, optimism, and undying hope.

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