Saturday, 22 December 2012

Saturday 22nd December - The New TV

We have installed The New TV. It has a whopping great 32 inch screen, replacing our old 23 inch screen tv that we bought, oh, seven or so years ago. I remember someone saying "you'd better make sure you close the curtains at night - that's a HUGE screen you've got now and might tempt thieves " when we replaced the even older tv with the 23 inch screen.

This one has been positioned as far away from the settee as we can get, and gleams blackly at us when switched off. The first programme I sat and watched was "Masterchef"; Michel Roux's eyes mesmerisingly huge as he glared at the camera as he demanded "it must be PERFECT". I shrank back into the cushions and prayed that he could not see the ordinary platefuls of "mince-and-veg-and pasta" that we were having for supper, sitting on the settee n front of The Box.

I'm planning to launch a new TV channel (in my dreams) called "wallpaper". You will be able to choose from "cosy coal fire",
 "wood burning stove"
Charnwood Country 4 Woodburning Stove


"view from the train" (you should position your chairs sideways on to the screen for this one),
Train Travel in South Devon

Actually, I am procrastinating again. I still haven't done anything about sorting out the dining-room.

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  1. ...I remember the Christmas in my childhood when we got our first colour TV! Wow! (though that makes me feel old now...)

    Have a blessed Christmas, Kirsten - and many blessings to you, your mother and all around you for the New Year. Thank you for your blog - I really enjoy visiting.