Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wednesday 13th April - Ash Wednesday

I'm not ging to be able to get to church today - in fact attendance has been very erratic since I don't know when - ah yes, probably since 30th October..... that fateful day when, "at a stroke" everything turned upside down for all the family.

However, I will be trying to make an effort to keep Lent as a Holy Season.

Giving up: I think it has to be Freecell and Solitaire. I sit there, mindlessly clicking away for far too long. It is a way of unwinding, of letting myself stop thinking and be mindless, but it is time I gave it a break!

Taking on: I'm going to use the online website to try and say one of the daily offices every day - morning prayer, or evening prayer, or compline.

Looking outwards: I'll take the Mignon McLaughlin quote as a motto; "Don't be yourself. Be someone a little nicer" and see how that goes.

I'll also be following a Lent course which a friend put me on to; a Fransiscan vicar who emails a reading and reflection and a call to action every day. Last year it was all drawn from the Narnia books. This year, he is using "The Screwtape Letters" as a starting point. I'm actually a little apprehensive: I read my grandmother's copy years and years ago, when I was a young teenager, and the illustration on the front cover scared me half to death. It was the way his eye is open just a slit, staring so knowingly at you.  


Last year, I "gave up" speeding - I had come to the realisation that I was being a little hap-hazard about observing speed restrictions as I roared around the county from school to school. That resolution has "taken" and I am now much better at observing and obeying speed limits. I think it is a good idea to use Lent as an opportunity to make a long-term change for the better.

Having Mummy home, is, as she herself commented while still in hospital, making big demands upon everyone's goodwill. We all have to be careful, patient, considerate, thoughtful, every moment of the day, to keep the house of cards standing. As time goes on things will get easier. Meanwhile, we are all trying not to be ourselves, but to be someone a little nicer!  

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