Saturday 6 April 2013

Saturday 6th April - The cats think it is Summer

We have been endlessly grooming the cats. I'm quite surprised that they have any fur left.

 Getting hold of the "downstairs cat" is no problem. She spends hours and hours comatose on the back of the settee, providing a local landmark for passers-by. It might not look like it, but she is purring and very happy to be groomed.

 We removed about four times as much fur as this from the fluffy cat in a single session.

 You don't always get to do both sides of her in a single session.
By this stage the air is full of fluff. And there is still more to come. And more...

You'd think she would look more grateful. This is her "you should have brushed me like this days and days ago" stare.
Which she proved by delivering a hairball an hour or so later. Yeuch.  
Grooming the "upstairs cat" is all a bit trickier. No photo this time - she is an altogether quicker mover; zips in and out of shot, down the stairs and away outside and to the top of the apple tree before you know it.  

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