Sunday 14 April 2013

Sunday 14th April - The Weekend - Get set and GONE!

What a beautiful, sunny, Spring day it has been! How lovely to be out in the warm breeze!

7:00   Wake up
8:00   Get up. Breakfast. Sit around
9:45    Off I go; fill the car with petrol, collect another member of the congregation, take her to church for
10:00ish. This is coffee-time - the gap between the first and second services. Catch up with some friends.
10:30ish  The second service starts. I enjoyed it today - good songs, a kind of slightly random, informal feel. The vicar is away on holiday, so the churchwarden and lead musician kind of ran things, and the talk was given by someone n the congregation who works for Tear Fund.
12:00   Leave, take her home, and then back to my home.
12:30   Lunch
1:00    Hit Homebase (not literally) to buy various items for my parents - a wooden mallet, which might make a suitable implement for holding open the heavy external door when getting everything ready for wheelchair excursions, some light bulbs for a bedside light, some earthenware plant pots and paints as an idea for an activity that my mother might be interested in
2:00    On into town; I need a lead for my new mp3 player to connect it to the computer, I thought we needed cat biscuits (we didn't, as I discovered later), and we needed to do a weekly food shop to take us through to the weekend.
3:45    Home - unload, put everything away (except the cat biscuits - it's going to be a bit of a problem to find space for two big bags, especially since the usual space is filled with the rest of the previous bulk purchase of cat biscuits. Memo to self - no more butter, no more loo rolls, and no more cat biscuits this month)
4:15    Round to parents for a repeat of yesterday's wheelchair excursion. Also to replace bathroom light bulbs and do final measurement and check before ordering a ramp to provide access to the shower.
6:ish    The excursion was a success - both less and more organised than yesterday. However there were no mishaps, and we arrived back in the flat after a pleasant walk around the block - or rather small lake/large pond beside the flats. The best of the day was over, but even so it stayed warm and dry. Left my parents organising their supper, and came home to cook ours.
7:30ish  Dished up "Sausage Supper". Yum yum.
8:00   And so it was evening, and night-time, and morning, and another day...

Oddly enough, after my Art-Rage post yesterday, and also a lovely encouraging email from a friend this morning, I'm feeling so much calmer, so much more "together". However, I won't take too much of this return to even-temperedness for granted - I suspect it will take a little more than 24 hours to be
re-stabilised!  I shall zone out with a bit more crochet.

Term starts tomorrow - assume the brace position...

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