Tuesday 16 April 2013

Tuesday 16th April - Spring - Exploding West Sussex!

This is what I was on about yesterday:

Today I more time. I took a few pictures during my lunchtime. The morning had been very grey and overcast as I drove south to my first school. After a couple of hours teaching, it was time to explore the back roads which I don't know very well to wend my way northwards. The weather improved, although it was still overcast as I stopped for lunch in a rough car park near the Wey and Arun canal.
fresh green leaves like blossom (near Wey and Arun Canal)

blossom, looking just like blossom! (near Wey and Arun Canal) 

Aconites, emerging through dead undergrowth
 Another two hours of ukuleles, and I was homeward bound in brilliant, hot sunshine. I cheekily pulled into the drive leading up to a country house (now very superior apartments) to take a picture of the horse chestnut tree that I say yesterday. The one with leaves bursting out of the sticky buds.
The horse chestnut tree that caught my eye yesterday as I was trundling along Stane Street

Primroses and aconites at the foot of the tree

wood anenomes and aconites near the tree  

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I've been really keen to photograph the willow trees; the green tongues of flame lapping along the weeping branches, and the neon pussy-willows. All along the roads I have seen spectacular examples, but been unable to stop. I'll make do with these rather suburban pictures from the duck pond near home. 

The pond near home - Pussy Willow

The whole tree is a mass of bright yellow pom-poms.

Weeping willows.

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