Saturday 25 May 2013

Saturday 25th May - Bognor Regis - twice in a week!

Twice, two Saturdays in a row - we really know how to live down here!

I'd never been to Bognor Regis before - it's the sort of place that one jokes about but that's all. (Sorry, if you live there - but you'll see me change my tune as I carry on typing).

We only went there last week because there was such a long tail back to get in to Arundel, on the way to Chichester. The left-hand lane for Littlehampton was empty, so rather than queue and queue, we went left.

Then, we were on the hunt for wheelchair shops, the idea being to investigate the possibility of finding a wheelchair which would fit into the bijou lift at my parent's flat. Through the wonders of mobile technology I discovered that there was a suitable shop with wheelchairs in Bognor (that didn't surprise me - apart from Chichester we have discovered similar shops in Eastbourne and Worthing!).

There was a bit a slow crawl to get past the big Butlins holiday camp but then we arrived and found ourselves a car park right by the sea. In the main shopping area is the shop we were looking for:

I'm giving them a BIG PLUG, as they were so helpful and kind. The owner spent a lot of time with us, showing us the various wheelchairs which could possibly solve our problem.

Once we had pretty much exhausted all the possibilities, we went off for excellent fish-and-chips at the pier, cooked to order. It was a cold day, and there weren't many people about, but the sun came out and it all looked cheerfully British.

We had a good day out on that trip. Alas, the wheelchair problem wasn't solved on this occasion, necessitating a return trip today. Once again we buzzed passed all the cars queueing to get through Arundel, and wended our way between the fields and bungalows to Bognor. It was much the same as before; sunshine, cold wind, shingle beach... 

It was fascinating to see how the shingle had completely organised itself into bands along the shore, sorted by size. My pictures don't really do it justice, but I reckon you can just about see what I mean.


  We didn't stay for fish and chips, but went off to... well, that's a story for another day.

If you have any need for any kind of thingummy for improving your life in the way of health or getting around, then Mobility and Comfort in Bognor Regis is the place to go! 

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