Wednesday 29 May 2013

Wednesday 29th May - Pages and pages

I've just added a couple of pages, and changed the layout to put them on the sidebar, as they didn't all appear when I had them running across the top of the blog.

It's just so that I can keep track of a few bits and pieces.

The Knitting Project has been there for ages. It's taking a back seat at the moment, as The Tunisian Crochet Project is the front runner. I like it, because the short length of the crochet hook means that it takes up less room for carrying around, and for actually doing the crochet. This is an important factor when sharing the settee, or travelling on a crowded train.

I've been in the habit of writing details, or more recently taking a quick picture using the camera on the mobile phone, of any books that catch my eye with a view to adding them to "wish lists" or using book tokens. But then I lose the pictures or the notes. So now I'm putting them up on a page in the hope of keeping track.

I also make notes of interesting websites, especially ones which might come in useful at Christmas time. And then I can't find the bit of paper. Or the note-book I was using at the time. So, again, here they are. Until I accidentally delete the page. Or whatever!

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