Sunday 30 June 2013

Sunday 30th June - Never Judge a Book by its Cover

But how else do you judge a book?
Amazon Kindle 3.JPG

Admittedly it is hard to judge a Kindle Book by its cover, especially if yours is an early steam-driven model like mine.

Anyway, back on track, I'm adding this book to my wish-list page:

It's by Leaping Hare Press; I'm just writing that down, sorry, typing that in, so that  don't forget and the writer is Adam Ford because I've just noticed that I've clipped the edge of the front cover in the photograph.

This is the second time I've spotted this this book, and it leaped out at me (visually, I mean, not literally, obviously) from the stack because of the cover. I have a passion for wood-cut, black-and-white line style illustrations. Like the edition of The Hobbit that I read as a child.

The content matches the cover - plain, insightful, leaving room for thought and reflection. It's a bit of a biography, and then a whole series of short essays (like a blog???) on ways of finding - well, it does what it says on the cover, Seeking Silence in a Noisy World.

I didn't buy it.
I would rather receive it as a present. (Why? I think because it is something of worth, with value.)

 I bought instead a totally unnecessary addition to the pile of "how-to-knit-crochet-sew-yet-another-useless-and-unlikely-craft-item" books. This one promises that they will only take 30 mins each to make. Then I can give the knitted/sewn/glued/stuck/crocheted thingy away, lovingly, to clutter up someone's life and home, as mine has become cluttered.

If I ever get round to making it.

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