Saturday 8 June 2013

Thursday 6th June - The first Frittata of the year

Glorious sunny day in June 2013 

We had frittata for supper in honour of the sunny, sunny day, using the recipe that I posted here:

(frittata is like a quiche without the pastry, so no risk of undercooked soggy pastry then,  and surely it must be healthier too?)

It was delicious, as usual; this time it involved a courgette, a small onion, a couple of slices of cured pork loin, and goodly amount of grated mature cheddar.

I was out of cream, but it seems to work OK if you use all milk instead of half milk and cream - just a little less rich and luscious. I don't know what happened to the bacon that I intended to use. It was probably just a figment of my imagination, or maybe a residual memory from another previous life.

Just a word in your shell-like; it's much better to line the dish with non-stick baking paper. I used foil this time, and it did stick horribly. I managed to peel the foil off the frittata reasonably successfully, but wasted quite a lot in the process.

Oh, and I saw that I had forgotten to include the oven temperature in the original post. That's not a problem - you can follow the link to the recipe that I started with. Set the oven to 200 before you start. I'll remedy that omission now!

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