Friday 26 July 2013

Friday 26th July - A Slow Day

Yesterday was another "cyclophosphamide day" (fourth of six doses), and so today is a very, very slow day.

The cyclo days really aren't too bad. It's not as though it hurts, or involves any deeply unpleasant "procedures". You just have to be patient and sit around a lot. Blood tests, wait several hours for the results, and I/V for an hour, and then wait an hour to make sure you are OK. I'm fine travelling back on bus and train, but grateful for the company of a friend as I tend to feel a little light-headed, as though I'm walking on the deck of a ship. By the time I get home I am relieved to have someone else deal with cooking and dishing up the evening meal while I just sit about and give in to lethargy.

Today is just a matter to letting time pass. It's not that I feel unwell, exactly, I just feel like half a person. The stuff can make you feel queasy or worse, but up till now I haven't needed to take the anti-sick pill. Today I decided to take it. On previous "slow days" I may have felt a bit dodgy, but we've been out and about in a gentle fashion (mostly sitting in the car going somewhere). This time I'm on my own, and I know how a small malaise can become magnified if there's nothing to distract you.

So far (lunchtime today) I have managed to

sort out the "My Clippings" file on my Kindle which was ENORMOUS, and causing my Kindle to crash and hesitate and generally hiccough   

unload and reload the dishwasher

mess about on Twitter

drink about 2 pints of liquid (you have to drink a lot which means you also have to wee a lot! - another reason for staying at home and doing nothing!)

Post an entry here for today

I have NOT managed to

read a book (too much concentration)

listen to music (ditto)

sew the braid onto my plain white T-shirt to make it more interesting (ditto)

have a snooze - my original plan was to sleep the day away. That's not working, because although I may be feeling tired, I'm not feeling sleepy. How's that for annoying!

Now it's time for a little smackeral of something.

Pooh Shepard1928.jpg

Not sure what. Grapes? Breakfast Cereal? Soup? Honey Sandwich? Do you know, that might just hit the spot!

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