Tuesday 30 July 2013

Tuesday 30th July - The Tyranny of the TO DO List

Today started with rainy rain dribbling out of the sky and down my neck.

Never Mind! Up'n'at'em!

Four shirts and a skirt ironed before breakfast, a long email sent off afterwards, and although I dithered and thought longingly of book and coffee (maybe another of these beauties that I had yesterday at my favourite local cafĂ© -

 my word, almost too beautiful to drink but tasted as good as it looked) I forced myself to do a whirlwind tour of Waitrose and  complete another task - The Long-OverDue Weekly Shop.

Well, to cut a long and tedious story short, I have shifted another 16 tasks off the list - hang on, 16 today, and 9 yesterday, surely that tots up to 25 and there were less that 30 on the list - It should be just about clear!

Err, No.

Somehow another half-dozen or so have been added, filling all the available space and trespassing into the "unavailable" space, squeezing into the ends of lines, edges of margins...

Still another 16 items to go.


Coffee and cake time.

And the sun's come out! Hurray!

Shouldn't "To Do" Rhyme with Dodo? No, that's a todally ridiculous thought.

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