Saturday 26 October 2013

Friday 26th October - What a day!

Capuchin plays the recorder
Capuchin Monkey
borrowed from my music site
drawn by "the artist" and
included by permission (from me)
When you are busy, and when the school term is eight weeks (less one day) long (and I know I have chuntered about this already), and when you have been teaching from 9:45am to 6pm, with twenty minutes for lunch, and a half an hour break between school teaching and piano teaching at home, and when the last four lessons at the school were three beginner recorder classes and one - let's call them the "slowly improving recorder class"

when you reach the end of the teaching part of the day,

the keyboard snake
Keyboard Snake, also borrowed from my music site
drawn by "the artist" and included by permission (from me)

and you cook and eat supper (thank heavens for that pulled pot-roast-lamb that I put into the freezer a week or so ago),

and watch some television (Inspector Frost and the Gruesome Granny - suitably "easy-watching")

when you go to bed, and your eyes shut before you can finish the Sudoku (which you are doing because you've left your book downstairs and your Kindle has gone flat so in spite of having upwards of 200 books in the bedroom you can't find anything to read)

then next day you can hardly remember what happened until you start to blog about it!

But that was all yesterday, and today we've spent the whole day in Arundel, looking at this and that and the other. Which is partly why yesterday had disappeared under the overlay of what we did today.

It does seem a bit wasteful, to have your days so packed full that in the end you can barely remember what happened yesterday, let alone last week. That is the advantage of keeping a diary - at least you spend some time reflecting on the events of the day, revisiting the good parts, mulling things over, before they vanish from your mind.  

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