Friday 4 October 2013

Friday 4th October - Duvet Days

I went to the doctor this morning, to discuss a weird "floating" sensation that comes and goes, and has been coming and going since August. It has been wearing off to some degree recently, which makes life a little steadier!

It started after the fifth dose of cyclophosphamide (I always "float" for a day or so anyway), but continued. Well, I was properly over-tired, so maybe that was why. It continued in Canada. Jet-lag? Followed me back to England. More jet-lag? Surprised me in the first samba lesson of term - perhaps I'm still jet-lagged? I asked about it when I had the last cyclophosphamide dose in mid-September; they weren't too concerned, and said I should see my GP. So there I was this morning. They'll look into it; I'll have one of those blood-pressure monitors that you were for a day and then they can see what is going on.

However, I've a bit of a cold, and so the doctor had a listen to my chest. Yup, as I suspected. I'm just starting a chest infection.

So, I'm taking the Big White Pills instead of the Medium Green Capsules, for a week, and clearing my diary for the next couple of days. Time to take a break.

The cat approves.
I've taken water and milk and coffee upstairs with me, and I just reach over to the coffee-maker by my bed whenever I'd like another cup, without having to go downstairs. I have my books, my lap-top, my mobile phone, my mp3 player and the bedside radio all close by.

This will be my first completely empty weekend since the beginning of July. (I have cancelled coffee with a friend this morning, this afternoon's school teaching, tomorrow's half-day trip into town with my parents, and lunch with friends on Sunday)

This may possibly be about my last completely empty weekend until next year... I think there might be one clear weekend left. If so, I shan't be too quick to book anything in it. I'm practising the "N" word right now.

Don't phone. Don't call. I'm having some duvet days. Peace and Quiet. Bliss.

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