Saturday 9 November 2013

Saturday 9th November - The Odd Day, and the cat

Apparently today is the last Odd Day for some time; 9/11/13

We are supposed to celebrate by doing things to do with "odd-ness" - tidying odds and ends, betting on an odds-against favourite, or whatever.

I was working, which is "odd" for a weekend - a "Music Enrichment Day" for six- and seven-year olds. So maybe that counts.

The next Odd Day will be on - oh, I can't remember when. You can work it out. Not for ages and ages anyway.

And the cat? Well, after I got home from a full-on day teaching music, I settled on the settee with a quilt. No, first I went and had an afternoon zzz. Then I brought the quilt downstairs and curled up in a veggie state in front of the TV.

The downstairs cat likes it best if she can snuggle up on some kind of blanket or throw in the middle of the settee between the two seats.

Like this;

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