Saturday 23 November 2013

Saturday 23rd November - Busy Day

Today's busy-ness started with the timely delivery of some techy stuff for our PC. I've got a vague understanding of the outlying basic broad principles of what was delivered and what it is for but I have no intention of trying to explain it to you.

Anyway, the point is that the parcel arrived in time for him to set it in motion before we went to visit my parents for morning coffee and strategic planning.

We did so much planning that coffee fell right off the agenda, what with the wide-ranging conversations, and a little interlude of taking the advantage of extra people being around for my mother to get some time in the standing frame that they have acquired;

who would have thought that we would ever have reached this point...

This time last year we were rejoicing that we had managed to spoon some rhubarb yoghurt into my mother without her choking on it. Back then, all she could do was lie, helpless, on the bed, and call for two nurses if she wanted to change her position from sitting to lying.

Afterwards, BestBeloved and I went and found some lunch, and bought some small Christmas presents, and bought some bits and pieces for my parents, and took them round to the flat, and came home, and unloaded the car, and BB prodded the computer which is still doing its important thingy with the new thingies, and had A Proper Cup of Tea (as in the earlier post).

Supper will be sandwiches (and probably more cake) and then it will be bedtime. I shall put my knitted earphones on, and fall asleep to the dulcet sound of Cantabile - The London Quartet - singing Lullabyes and Goodbyes; my current favourite track is Hushabye Mountain (from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

I wanted to put a link to the Amazon sample track but they have changed their website and I can't find how to get at the samples any more. Sorry.


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