Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tues 26th Wed 27th Thurs 28th November - Birthdaydaydayday

It's been my birthday - in fact it's been my birthday since the first present arrived, neatly positioned beside the planter on the front doorstep, at the end of last week. (Note to self - write thankyou note). I didn't open it until the real birthday.

Unlike the presents I receive from my Favourite Daughter on Sunday afternoon - it seemed a shame not to open them while she was there, so I did.   Open them early, that it.   fab - a book from my wish list, (Note to self - update relevant page on blog) and other goodies. We also had cake.

Cards and flowers arrived on Monday

and more presents (books and chocolates and flowers and other treasures) and cards on Tuesday from Best B and Number One Son and friends, (note to self - update the pages on my blog again).

Yet more presents from my parents and my Uncle and Aunt over from the Netherlands when we took a Chinese meal round to share with them on Wednesday. (chocolates, baklava, an amazing oil lamp, and, oh wow, a battery operated bubble-blowing gun. (I saw these at Niagara Falls and was very, very taken by them! The children had them, and the bubbles floated past, lit up by the floodlights trained on the falls. I don't have any pictures of the bubbles, but it's an excuse to post memories of the Canada trip from this Summer...)

It's Thursday, and it's STILL my birthday! A card from someone at work, and tonight there was cake, and a candle, and cream!

So, a lot going on these last few days, and not much time for posting.

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