Saturday 23 November 2013

Wednesday 20th November - Standing start

Another post that somehow stayed as a draft - or got turned back into a draft, or now appears as a draft anyway (It's now Saturday 23rd November)

So, this morning, I'm pottering on the computer after breakfast before getting dressed. Looking at this, printing that, just investigating a few ideas for music lessons...

Then I amble into the kitchen and put the final few bits and pieces into my lunchbox, and fiddle around trying to close it without flat-packing the banana...

And I hear the alarm sound from my phone and I think HOLY MOSES - BLOOD TEST

Flip! That was a fifteen minute pop-up alarm!

I made it to the hospital, fully dressed, just in time, without speeding. The ice on the car had melted, thanks to the weather changing from freezing cold to just rain. All the traffic lights were green. I was able to park in one of the free 20 minutes "drop-off, pick-up" bay. The only hold up was caused by a couple of people ambling along the corridor to their appointment in front of me.

My word - it took no time at all to get the little test-tubes filled, the way my heart was pumping.

So then I drove steadily home to brush my hair, brush my teeth, and finish getting ready for work.

Oh, by the way, "yesterday's" post was another "here's one I prepared earlier" one. After I took the pictures, I moved the Christmas Cactus to another room, where a guest was staying for a few days, just to brighten things up. The flowers promptly died, the buds shrivelled and fell off, and I just have the basic green cactus back on the kitchen windowsill. I guess I'll have to wait for next year to see if it will flower again.

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