Monday 30 December 2013

Mon 30th Dec - Update on a Good Day

Today is ending well. I have got some work done in preparation for the new term which is approaching at a deceptive speed. I have quilted two more squares of the current quilt, and added some more inches to the current Tunisian crochet strip without having to then rip it back again.

The trebuchet and the catapult are complete and fully operational. Hey! Look! I've managed to upload a videoclip!

That one only just missed the cat who was asleep at the other end of the room.

We have supped on slow roast lamb. A sort of Jamie Oliver recipe as follows (posted here for daughter, who partook of the repast, and son/father who might like to have a go at this sometime);
Preheat oven to 200C
In the bottom of a roasting tray, put a bay leaf or two, some sprigs of rosemary and a handful of parsley, if you have them. On top, lay a shoulder (or a half shoulder for just 2 or 3 of you) of lamb. Surround the lamb with chunks of leek (1), quartered onion (2), chunks of carrot (3), and celery (2 sticks). The numbers in brackets are how many I used this time, along with a whole shoulder. Add all the cloves from a head of garlic - I peel them which isn't too tricky if you ever-so-slightly crush them, enough to loosen the papery skin. Add liquid - in this case a whole bottle of mediumly decent red wine. You could use tinned tomatoes - I would have done if we'd had any - as part of the liquid, or dry cider, or decent stock. If you have a half leg in a smaller baking dish, then use less liquid.
Cover with a double layer of foil and put  the oven, turning it down to 170C. Leave it alone for three and a half or four hours. The veg will be soft, the garlic delicious and mild, and the meat falling off the bone.

He would have followed this with Christmas Pudding (that's why I timed the meal for an early supper) but ate too much lamb and so has no room.

Maybe we'll polish off a mince pie a bit later on.

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