Tuesday 25 March 2014

Tuesday 25th March - Winter. Again.

Cast ne'er a clout 'til May is out.

Last week I donned my new "Summer Uniform" - thin flowery skirt, t-shirt, cardigan or jumper, summery tights. I was fine until Friday, when the sunshine was deceiving and the cold wind all too real. Luckily I was able to zip home at lunchtime and change into thermal trousers, thermal shirt, thermal fleece, and all was well again.

Over the weekend, I alternately froze or merely shivered, in various locations.

Yesterday and today, I am back in "Winter Uniform" - thicker skirt, thermal tights, boots, thermal t-shirt, woollen jumper.

heigh ho. English Spring. Now you feel it, now you don't!


  1. Stop complaining! Still haven't seen the grass at the back for snow. Just be out and it's -4 or -10 with the wind chill

  2. And today (Friday 28th March), Spring is back! whoop whoop