Monday 26 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday 26th May - It's Raining

We woke up to rain. I didn't mind - as we managed to sleep until about 7am. Better than yesterday, when a noisy magpie started rattling at 4am and kept going for a whole hour.

This morning, we visited my mother (she's staying in a local care home for a week while my father is having a respite holiday). She is able to go down to the Day Care suite every day, where she goes anyway every Monday and Thursday. We turned up just as her reading glasses broke - how's that for timing - so BB went off to buy a new sparkly pair from the pound shop, which is where the broken sparkly pair came from. Today's errand was to bring cranberry juice and a particular grey cardigan which we managed without error. (Tomorrow's list is ready and waiting to go!)

Anyway, we stayed for an hour or so, having a cup of coffee, chatting, doing this and that, and then came home. They are a cheerful, friendly bunch of people, staff and visitors alike.

We went home for lunch (home-made soup followed by toast and marmalade in case you are interested - skip that last sentence if you weren't, oh, sorry, too late, you've read it now, and then thought "now what?" It's still raining, so gardening isn't going to happen today.

We decided to attack the tidying. He's going through paperwork from the time of dinosaurs, discovering Barclaycard statements from 1987, the children's Christening cards, the bill for when we had the fireplace re-done in 1989, and other useful/useless stuff. (Some of it is useful, and we're glad to have found it again!)

I was going through a heap of stuff on my side of the bedroom. There were a couple of disintegrating plastic boxes of old sewing notions that I know I haven't looked at for years like rusting needles and rotten cotton, and let me tell you that Tupperware doesn't last for ever. I just about managed to chuck nearly all of it.

With all this kerfuffle going on in the bedrooms, the upstairs cat could find no peace any where.

She watched the rain for a while, and then put herself to bed.

Which is not exactly helpful as I have just brought down a load of washing to put in the machine. It will have to wait, as I haven't the heart to disturb her again.

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