Monday 12 May 2014

Monday 12th May - photograph - Moving in soon

It is finished. Just before the rain came too.

The little wheely thing is a garden trolley which I thought was a complete waste of space and money when he turned up with it a few years ago. I was Soooooo wrong. Everyone should have one.

This morning was good; sunny weather, croissants for breakfast, helping construct the shed, making cake, bulk cooking for the freezer. Full of useful, fulfilling, pleasant things.

This afternoon was tougher; teaching theory to a small group of tired eleven-year-olds (SATS tests have begun) and then giving my diaphragm a full workout making myself heard in a class of forty children who were irritatingly chatty and - well - rude throughout their djembe lesson.

This evening was manic; family affairs on both sides demanding complete, full, careful attention at the same time. Not to mention music teaching in between telephone calls, and carefully constructed emails to be sent out before 5pm.

That shed is looking surprisingly attractive. It's about the right size for me. Put in a little bed, cushions, duvets, some books, a camping lantern...

I'm moving in tomorrow. 

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  1. Cushions, duvet... Ah! The infamous padded cell . . . so if we don't see nay updates for a while