Monday 19 May 2014

Monday 19th May - Goodness has its rewards - photographs

This early rising lark is getting a bit ridiculous.

I didn't get up when I woke at 12:30am - all I had to do was remove the knitted headphones that had made my ears hot and I was soon asleep again.

And I stayed in bed when I woke again at 4:30 - just lay there, listening to the dawn chorus and thinking determinedly pleasant thoughts about how lovely (instead of How Noisy) the birds sounded. This also seemed to work.

However, come 6:30, that was that. So up, and breakfast, and the "got to get things done" bug took over. By the time we sat down for elevenses (at 9:30) we had (that's BB and I) hoovered the whole of downstairs, properly cleaned the sitting room rug which acts as crumb, dust and cat-hair magnet, washed the French windows which has been blighting my view of the garden for the last little while, and tidied up the kitchen a bit.

However, all this activity comes with its own rewards; I discovered an unopened packet of chocolate biscuits which had slipped down behind the breadbin, and also Christmas present which had hidden itself away under the settee.

It turned out to be lovely notelets (I am always writing letters so get through vast quantities of notelets and postcards). The first one will be a belated thankyou letter.

The day didn't stop there; the crock pot has been loaded with food, and the washing machine has been loaded with clothes, and the dishwasher emptied and loaded with dishes.

He has been working flat out in the garden, filling the "brown bin" with grass cuttings, brambles and weeds. Actually, he's got the use of the neighbour's brown bin, as our own one was filled with brambles and weeds and grass cuttings last week.

Another binful
BEFORE - that bramble has grown about six feet taller
since this picture was taken


It is astonishing how much better I feel when some of these on-going tasks get done. Finding chocolate biscuits and Christmas presents along the way is a real bonus.

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