Saturday 10 May 2014

Saturday 10th May - The Garage part 1 - photographs

When we moved into this house, 30 years ago, we were warned that the garage was suffering from osmosis and wouldn't last long.

It has held together through the intervening years, although the shed next to it is a rotten ruin. Maybe that is all down to the Russian vine we planted, to hide the ugly structure. Perhaps it was the paint, we applied to the surface of the concrete panels. Paint didn't seem to be sufficient to stop the doors  from rotting.

It's time has come; we plan to replace it with one of these;

Shire Bourne Log Cabin Range (28mm to 70mm Logs available)

A sort of semi-detached garden room with tool shed next door. There is no point in having a garage as the only car that one can drive alongside the house is a Smart or a Mini. We're just thankful to have off-road parking.

That should be easy. Knock down the garage and put this up on the same base.

Step 1; order one of these:

Product Details
Step 2; go back to the shop and arrange for a replacement because one panel and one metal construction piece are broken

Step 3; check replacement before delivery man disappears - yup ok.

Step 4; package up first faulty unit for collection next Wednesday. The bricks are holding the polythene down before we tape it, as it is very windy today.

Step 5; get out the strimmer and clear the bottom of the garden to make a place for it to go.

Step 6; weed and smooth the ground in the corner of the garden.

Step 7; redo the dog-proof wire fence along the bottom hedge.
Step 7.5 saw off some bits of the hedge so that the fence fits.

Step 8; It's started to rain. In a great hurry, clear up the extension cables and strimmer, gather up tin snips, pliers, saw, garden tools, fleece and rush indoors.

Step 9; Lug the broken shed indoors out of the wet and dump it in the hallway. It's only until Wednesday, after all.

Step 10; It' stopped raining. Take tin snips. wire, pliers, and finish the fence.

I think this a saga that will run for some time.

Meanwhile, we're stopping for lunch.

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