Saturday 17 May 2014

Saturday 17th May - Tea - photographs

It's a bit of a standing joke with us - me, BestBeloved, Son and Daughter, that we hadn't managed to all have tea in this particular tea shop together. Various combinations of us have indulged, but not all four at the same time.

Well, with one thing and another it's been a bruising couple of weeks - I'm not going into details - but the immediate crisis with BB's side of the family has been resolved for the time being, and BB and I had a Day of Rest today.

For me, that meant going back to bed with a book to snooze and read and doze for the morning, and for him it meant gently surfing the internet. Then we went into the town for lunch (at Wagamama - yum yum), browsed round the shops, splurged on a couple of magazines, and finally tea and cake at the favourite tea shop.

As usual, all you can see of my cake (strawberry frangipani tart) is a few crumbs. He had a raspberry pavlova which he said was excellent.

Then round and round and round waitrose, and home again. We can't do this toooo often, but it was a wonderfully restorative day.

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