Sunday 4 May 2014

Sunday 4th May - Blame the Book

It's all because we bought this wonderful, amazing, coffee-table book. Here's the back cover:

Here's the front cover:

Now do you see why it had to be bought? It's one of the few books that makes me laugh out loud.

Unfortunately it has made me acutely aware of the cluttered, dis-organised state of our house. This morning I cracked, and started re-arranging the worst bookshelf. This was highly inconvenient for the rest of the family but I couldn't co-exist with the muddle of cassettes (we don't have a cassette player any more), CDs, books, jigsaws, boxes-which-used-to-contain-something, any more. Not for ONE SINGLE MNUTE. He gave a heavy sigh and cleared a space for me to work in.

Result; one carrier bag full of cassettes, which will probably have to be dumped as no-one takes them any more. Another twenty books to go to charity; they can join the 150 or so books that we sorted out last week. That's much better.

It's a start, and has made me feel much calmer. There's still a lot to do before I can emulate the examples in the book. Like this one, for instance.


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