Wednesday 30 July 2014

Wednesday 30th July - My shoes told me to do it

I used to wear shoes like these to school.

    I always wanted the slim-line, pointy-toed ones, but I didn't have slim-line, pointy feet. Not then, not now. These are my current favourite shoes (I have the sun-tan-shading marks on my skin to prove it)

    They appear to me to be just a slightly grown-up version of the crepe-soled jobs I used to wear when I was little.

    Anyway, there we were in a cafe, having an early lunch together, and just as we had finished our first course in the near-deserted place, a flood of customers arrived and we went to the bottom of the list.

    It's a bad idea to ignore me when I am wearing my blue shoes, and when I am looking forward to the best coffee eclair that money can buy. It's a bad idea to give your customers time to get up to mischief. (HE put the "Sweet 'n' Low sachet on top. I NEVER use sweeteners. Actually, neither does he.)

    I was on the receiving end of a Hard Stare from the waitress when she came to clear the table next to us, and discovered that I had used all the sugard from that table as well as the ones on our own. I merely smiled sweetly (heheheh), ordered my coffee eclair, and his chocolate "concerto" cake and espresso. The Hard Stare did not relax by a millimetre, but I had returned the sugars to their rightful bowls just as the cakes and coffee arrived. Smiles all round.

    Usually this is all you get to see of my cake.

    But I remembered to take a "before" picture. Though it was a close-run thing.

    Grace Makutsi, in The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, has a similar problem with her shoes. Especially the blue ones.

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