Monday 4 August 2014

Monday August 4th - train travel again

I'm in the middle of four days of trekking up to London for a series of fairly routine tests, scans, and what have you connected with the heart/lung condition that I have. Thursday and Friday last week, Monday and Tuesday this week.

It is a tedious journey, not improved by being on the early train today (and tomorrow). Imagine doing that trip every day for work - ugh.

Anyway, so far the test results have been encouraging, in that they seem to indicate that my condition is stable. For me that is a positive result; systemic sclerosis is not something that can be cured. They just try and slow it down, and treat the consequences as they arise. So "stable" equals "yippee"!

But that's not what I'm posting about. I spent my waking hours on the train working out what to do with yesterday's "make". When we got home, I made this:

I cut four squares from the quilting sample I made, and hand-stitched the borders from some bias binding that I had leftover from I don't know when or why. But I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to finishing the other three. I'm not good at repetition. I suspect I have quite a low boredom threshold.

It did make me think about all those women working away at Tear Fund and Christina Aid workshops all over the world, stitching away at all the hand-made textile good for sale in the catalogues. Hats off to their perseverance at getting on with the job.

There's no fear that any of you will be receiving a set of handmade fabric coasters for Christmas, by the way. At least, not these ones. I still regard these as prototypes and I am unlikely to go into full production in the forseeable future.  

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