Wednesday 31 December 2014

Wednesday 31st December - The Diary - 364 days done

Last year's resolution to keep a daily written is almost complete.

 I remember thinking that there were an awful lot of empty pages in the Moleskine page-a-day dairy I bought (in the sale, a day or two into 2014). I started writing the diary on my laptop, but typing is an unsatisfactory experience. Written, with a fountain pen, is the only way.

Half way through the year I wondered whether there was any point in keeping a diary, and what on earth was I going to DO with it.

A week or so later, it fell open at a random page as I was getting ready to write, so I read the entry - wow, I had forgotten all about that event - reading on, yes, I remember now, we went to - and so on. Unserweiter. Etcerera. Keeping a record of things that I would otherwise have forgotten.

I think I'll keep 2014 with me, and read last year's entry for the day as I travel through this year. The pages are enlivened by photographs and little sketches; just yesterday I came across a pictures from a warm Spring day in February spent in Storrington,

reminding me of the church, the Austin Morris by the road, the catkins, the walk by the stream, the café in the bookshop... that was a lovely, lovely day.

My 2015 page-a-day should be delivered any day soon. All those blank pages waiting for things to happen.

Here's what  might write for today, the final entry for 2014;

Wednesday 31st January 2014

Two breakfasts! cereal, and then was offered croissants. Second breakfast with all of us sitting at the dining table. How domestic; how comme il faut. Nice.

Have finally decided to rebel against all the - I was going to say "pen-pushers". I have admitted that I hate doing my lesson planning on the computer. It inhibits my thinking to have to watch my fingers tapping away and hunting for letters and fixing typos. So I have switched to doing it in a couple of Really Smooth Notebooks using my Schaeffer fountain pen. Superb. Planned a whole week's lessons in just an hour or so. Think. Consider. Write. SO much easier.

Finished up all the smoked salmon for lunch. Decadence. Then watched Disney's "Frozen". Quote by a troll (nice troll, not horrid troll) at the beginning along the lines of "You are lucky that it is the head, and not the heart, that was struck. The heart cannot be so easily changed, but the head.... it can be persuaded". Cute.

Blogged about diary..............................     

It's only late afternoon. Diary entry "To be continued". With maybe a picture of the year end celebrations.

Meanwhile, I'll just print off a selection of pictures to stick in for the last months. Proof that the upstairs cat and the downstairs cat can coexist on the settee.  Poppies at the Tower.  Snail trails on a car bonnet. The Dining table on Boxing day. And more.

So long as I don't confuse the glue stick and the lipsalve like nearly happened last time I did some sticking.


  1. So what did happen on the last day of 2014 as the blog seems a tad prophetic, either that or finger trouble due to over indulgence 😺

    1. The big advantage of having a proof reader for a follower is that any typos are rapidly brought to my attention. When I write my novel, be sure that you will get first read of the drat to pick up on all the mistakes and inconsistencies before they are launched on the unsuspecting public! (And which character will YOU be, and what will happen to you in the story??)

      The big advantage of being the blog writer is that I can correct the text, and remove ALLLL the evidence!

      Have a Happy New Year, and keep up the good work!