Monday 30 March 2015

Monday 30th March - Running away for a day


On our way home from somewhere or other this the morning we were pondering what to do next. Weekly shopping. Tidying after double glazing. Housework. Crash out at home.

We made our decision and just went, without telling anyone in advance, without making any arrangements.

We just travelled, arrived, had lunch, did what we wanted to do, went somewhere else, looked at what we wanted to look at, bought a couple of bits and pieces, had cake (tarte aux abricots for me, tarte au citron for him) and coffee, stayed for a meal (sea bass for me, steak for him) and came home.

It was a magical day.

Not telling where we went. Don't want to break the spell. I've told you what we ate. That should be enough.

I have a feeling that this was the first away day for us, with no appointments, no requirements, no agenda, no reason, just the two of us


sometime in 2014. When in 2014? Can't remember. Too long ago.

There were a couple of emails awaiting response when we got home, and the appointments and schedules are beginning to solidify the upcoming days. Good job we ran away when we could.

We were back in time to feed the cats.

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