Wednesday 29 July 2015

Wednesday 29th July - Buttons

On Monday I stayed in my nightdress and dressing-gown All Day. This was in an attempt to make sure that I did Absolutely Nothing to help the antibiotics see off the chest infection.

I managed to be idle until lunchtime, and then I set about a small task that has been on my mind for weeks and weeks now - the sewing drawer.

For a couple of months, well, probably years, I have just rammed stuff in on top whenever I have needed to put away sewing materials, so the resultant tangle was making it increasingly difficult to get any more sewing done.

Eventually everything went back again, except for various bits and pieces which found a new home in the bin.

The tin and jar on the shelf are button collections, mine in the jar, and my mother's in the tin. I used to  play with the button tin for hours when I was a toddler, but I hadn't opened it for decades.

I remember many of the buttons; that big one, near the bottom of the picture, with a green tweed insert came from a winter coat, sort of  cape-like in style, with a broad collar.

I was curious about the tin - you can buy them on the net for £10 - £15 as "vintage collectables".

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