Thursday 15 October 2015

15th October - Tidy-up time

You have to say this in a special way...  because...

Way back, in ancient days long gone, when dinosaurs still walked the earth, I used to help out at the local playgroup. Towards the end of the morning the chaos of books and paint and toy trains and teddy bears and jigsaws and everything had to be sorted and put back into the cupboards.

The children used to rush around yelling "Tidee---YUP-----Time", the "YUP" coming out as a near falsetto. So now, whenever I start trying to do some clearing, this cheerful rallying call is a sort of inevitable ostinato refrain in my inner ear.

This was the state of the dining room table on Sunday afternoon.


I invoked the "15 minute rule" for dealing with things that I want to avoid, and managed to achieve this. A vast improvement, but not enough. But, that's where I stopped.

However, I needed to be able to teach music theory this evening, so a further blitz got me this far. 

Good enough for theory teaching. I have a feeling that keeping the dining room table clear is a lost cause, at least until we live in a house with separate rooms for eating/living, and teaching music. ("When will that be?" say the bells of Stepney. "I do not know," says the great bell of Bow.)

Click this link for pictures of the Oranges-and-Lemons churches. And click this one for the full version of the song.  I'd love to post the pictures here, but there are copyright considerations.
The links are to the blog, well worth following.

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