Monday 16 November 2015

Monday 16th November - Falling Asleep with Music

I've got some knitted over-ear headphones that I bought from John Lewis last year. They are brilliant. I can lie comfortably in bed, listening to things on my mp3 player without the ear-phone thingies sticking into my skull. 

When I'm lying awake and want to be asleep, I just reach for the mp3 player, put the headphones on, and choose whether I want to listen to music, a book, radio 3 or radio 4 (a bit crackly, but I've found the optimal position for the mp3 player and the lead to make it work. I'm usually asleep within 15 minutes, while the music/words flow on and on and on...

and then, I wake, because

the music has changed from something gentle to something wild or weird

the radio program has gone from a dry lecture on economics to an emotional and overwrought drama

or my ears have got too hot.

So I lie awake, trying to get to sleep... 

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