Monday, 2 November 2015

Monday 2nd November - Reboot-Reload-Restart

Over half-term my car went to the garage to get the rear wiper sorted out (loose connection - fixed in minutes - no charge - thanks!)

That meant unloading my car so that the mechanic would have half a chance of getting at whatever he needed to get to.

I haven't seen my car look so tidy since the day I bought it:

I got everything ready in the hall to put back into the car ready for teaching. That kind husband of mine drove off to buy me a sack-trolley. It's there, with a red plastic crate and a couple of bungee cords at the back.

And in it all went... djembe (in a black padded case), repinique (in the blue bag), red plastic crate, Roland small guitar amp (in the white cloth bag) brand-new lightweight and extremely useful folding sack-trolley. There's also the white plastic crate of car bits and pieces - spare bulbs, first aid kit, instruction manual, tyre-weld canister, yellow hi-viz jacket, but you can't see it behind the djembe.

Front seat: blue bag for choir and ukulele on Monday evenings, pink bag for everyrthing, purple handbag for everything else.


Back seats: two bags of boomwhackers (I'm not using them very much, but until the shed gets built there's nowhere else to keep them - oh, hang on, I think he has other plans for the shed...) orange bag with 5 dinky little xylophones, bag with travel rug, bag full of bags of instruments (tambourines, claves, shakers, etc)

And off to work I went. Tomorrow I will add a lap-top, but remove the blue Monday evening bag.

That sack trolley was brilliant - the djembe weighs about 6 kilos, and wheeling it in to school (carrying the guitar amp and the purple hand bag and hoping that I didn't need anything out of the pink bag which I left in the car) made a huge difference.

Likewise, loading up the red crate with the blue choir/ukulele bag, guitar amp and pink bag and dragging it across the car park was so much easier than draping everything across my shoulders and plodding like an over-laden donkey....

Somehow I've managed to put everything in so that nothing rattles. I was getting tired of sounding as though I had a morris dancing team in the back of the car the whole time.

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