Saturday 21 November 2015

Saturday 21st November - Perfect Planning

There's a lot to get done in a short amount of time with a limited number of helpers if this tea-party is going to happen.

I've followed the advice of my brother and created a sheet of post-it notes with jobs on them.

The idea is that everyone who wants to help can take a post-it and do the job described on it. I went one stage further and wrote the job out again on the paper underneath the post-it note.
  • Set out the tables and cover with banqueting roll (you will need scissors and tape)
  • Set out 80 chairs around the tables
  • Arrange tea plates, napkins, table confetti etc
  • Put sandwiches between serving plates, decorate with cherry tomatoes and watercress, and put on tables
  • Put small cakes on serving plates and put on tables
  • Slice large cakes, arrange on plates
  • Prepare tea and coffee (milk, sugar, cups and saucers) and set ready for serving
  • Prepare cold drinks (drinks, glasses, jugs) and set ready for serving
  • Prepare Prosecco (drinks, bottles) and set ready for serving
  • Create 10 small table flower decorations (teacups and saucers, oasis, flowers, greenery) and put on tables

What can go wrong?

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