Sunday 8 November 2015

Sunday 8th November - Nearly Forgot

Once again we had made our mugs of hot chocolate (a small one in my case), fed the cats, shut them in the kitchen, gone upstairs - and then I remembered I hadn't done the blog post.

That's three nights in a row - am I trying to tell myself something?

Today has been a day of sort of sorting things out ready for tomorrow.

And I am sort of sorted - I shall know how successful I was after delivering 6 piano lessons (remember the registers, teaching materials), having a harpsichord lesson (remember the music and the money), lunch somewhere (remember to make AND take my packed lunch, delivering a djembe lesson (remember the djembe), and ukulele lesson (remember the uke and the music) and finally leading a small choir (more music)

I'll let you know...

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